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2014 was an unforgettable year...

Bazinga A Storm of Swords "Storm"

Number ONE Pharaoh Hound 2014 Norway (all systems)

Number 11 among all breds in Norway!


Bazinga A Dream of Spring for Mia "Summer"

Number ONE Pharaoh Hound bitch USA (breed system)


Now we welcome 2015. New year, new possibilities!



February 16th 2015, 139th WESTMINSTER KC SHOW, New York, USA

America's most prestigious dog show - Westminster KC show - our first show of the year!


Storm and I made the trip all the way from Norway to participate at this iconic, world class event. We went for the experience - just to be there is an honor - and boy, did we get it! 12 specials (1 absent) and 1 class dog (Storm) were entered under Sighthound specialist Ms. Gayle Bontecou, USA. The line-up consisted of beautiful, top quality Pharaoh Hounds from the USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden and Norway.


Storm (Bazinga A Storm of Swords) surprised us all by going BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX with a MAJOR from the Bred-By Exhibitor class! This is the first time a Pharaoh Hound goes BOS from the classes at Westminster! Storm was breeder-owner-handled by me.


As if that was not enough, Summer (Bazinga A Dream of Spring fo Mia) won BEST OF BREED - as the first Pharaoh Hound bitch to win the breed at Westminster in 10 (!) years! Thanks to Summer's handler and best friend, Grahm Miller, for doing such a beautiful job with her.


Summer & Grahm in the Hound Group at Madison Square Garden!


Littermates at 22 months of age - going BOB and BOS at Westminster - unbelievable! Every breeder's dream come true, for sure! Thanks to everyone who has supported us and congratulated us. A special thanks to Emelie Arwinge for tagging along on this unforgettable trip, and for excellent company. Shared joy is a double joy!


More pictures to come!


February 7th 2015, Group show, Virolahti, Finland

We haven't started out show season yet, but our puppybuyer Emilia Kanerva and Bazinga A Song of Ice and Fire "Isla" (exp. Finland) attended their first show in 2015, and what a start they had! Pharaoh Hounds were judged by Ms. Maija Sylgren, Finland, who awarded Isla Best of Breed and CC! Isla went on to win GROUP 1st under Mr. Esa Ruotsalainen, Finland, and BEST IN SHOW 2nd under Mr. Tapio Eerola. Huge congratulations, Emilia and Isla!!!



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